Portia De Rossi Secretly Checked Into Rehab, And The ‘Secret’ Part Is All Our Fault

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Portia de Rossi in suglasses and coat in Los Angeles June 2012Apparently Portia di Rossi checked into a rehab facility in May, which should be a really great thing, but she had to keep it secret because humans are the worst.

According to In Touch, Portia checked into the Passages Malibu rehab facility in early May for a thirty-day treatment, and her wife Ellen DeGeneres visited her every weekend to provide support during her stay. And as great as it is that Portia is taking charge of her life and her health and taking positive steps to keep herself on the right track, I can totally understand why their family elected to keep this information secret, assuming the information is correct.

Because guys! We suck at being understanding about recovery! If someone elects to go to rehab, we somehow think less of them, not more, even though they're making the incredibly brave choice to ask for and accept help instead of pretending that everything is under control. That's an incredible statement to make, and one we should applaud wherever and whenever (sorry not sorry that I just got Shakira stuck in your head, it happened to me too) we see it. It's the people who nurse their addictions and confusions behind closed doors without ever addressing them that we should be really worried about.

But Portia, no way. She's doing a great thing for herself, whether it's following up her rehab visit in 2000 to treat a rumored eating disorder or to address an unrelated issue. Either way it's a huge achievement to anticipate your own needs and to take care of them,  and we should treat it as such.

Portia is deserving of a standing ovation from us, but I'm betting it'll just be another round of the headline ‘PORTIA AND ELLEN: THE END IS NIGH‘ being trumpeted at us from news stands. Sigh.

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