16 Popular Movies That Almost Cast Very Different Actors

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In the brutal world of Hollywood casting, a lot of movies can end up starring very different actors to the ones that those the producers initially wanted for each role. Sometimes, their original choice isn't quite up to scratch. In other cases, the perfect actor or actress has to pull out of the film due to unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the situation, the movie casts that we eventually see are often the third or fourth lot of actors who've picked up those roles. We just don't hear about all of the failures and unexpected changes!

Sometimes, though, info about a film's original cast does make it into the public eye – especially when the original stars end up regretting pulling out of their role. You can't help but feel a bit sorry for them when they realize they turned down a multi-million-dollar smash hit. It's often hard to imagine any other actor or actress in our favorite roles, and it can be a bit of a surprise when you hear about what could have been! Here are just a few popular movies that almost had very different casts. Some of these former casting choices are seriously unexpected!