We Want To Know: What Is The Pop Culture Skeleton In Your Closet?

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I have a secret. It's a big one. Like so big that I rarely tell people. I mean, I used to tell people. But then I got tired of the stares and the glares and straight-up accusations that I'm not what I portray myself to be on this site. So I stopped talking about my secret. I just put in a box in the back of my closet and let it sit there.

But that all ends today. I'm sick of pretending to be someone I'm not. I'm tired of acting like I like something that I don't. So I'm sharing the pop culture skeleton in my closet and I'm asking you to do it too. What do you secretly love? Or even more scandalously, secretly hate? Is there a movie that you've never seen that you have to pretend to have seen so that you don't look like an idiot? How about a crush on a terrible no-good d-list celeb? Or a genuine obsession with a show that everyone else makes fun of the internet? No secret is too shameful for this post!

For example, here's (one of) mine …. I've never watched Seinfeld. Despite the fact that I love smart and funny TV and that I came of age in a time when reruns were on every day after school, I never even tried to watch it. Over the years I've learned enough that I “get” the references to the show, but I'm constantly forced to lie to people I love about having watched it. Someone's always like, “remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer did that thing?” and I have to be like, “ohh yeahhhh, I loooooooove that episode so much.” Then I have to steer the conversation in a different direction and be like, “soooo how about healthcare in America?”

There I did it. I told you my deepest and darkest secret. And now it's your turn! To make it a little easier for you to start sharing, I've asked our Crushable team as well as our sister sites' editors and writers to start talking too. And man oh man, they did. Prepare to be shocked and floored and…and maybe relieved. You might not be as alone as you think.


Scarface Say Hello To My Little Friend


“Every time people talk about or reference Scarface, I laugh along and recite the same lines to keep up with the conversation. Truth is, I don't see the hype, I think it's one of the most overrated movies of all time and have never fully sat through it because I get bored by it every time”. – Carling

James Franco Hand Explosion


“I have never seen Dirty Dancing and I am in love with James Franco even though everyone says he’s a douche.” – Jessica

Zach Galifianakis Usher Is Justin Bieber's Dad


“For a large part of my childhood I used to sleep with the CD insert to Usher's first CD under my pillow because I was so obsessed. I still don't think my parents know what a creep their very small daughter was.” – Olivia

Jack Rose Titanic You Jump I Jump


“I have never seen Titanic. Until college, I didn't even know that Jack dies and Rose lives. And I even claim to love Leonardo DiCaprio!” – Meredith

Toy Story Woody Dog


“My pop culture skeleton is that I really dislike animated stuff. South Park, The Simpsons, even Toy Story! I know, I know…it’s like saying I hate puppies, so I try to keep it a secret in fear that people with think I'm a heartless serial killer.” – Alyssa

Meat Loaf Whatever Happened To Saturday Night


“I’ve seen Meat Loaf in concert. At least 5 times.” – Julie

Gwyneth Paltrow The Royal Tenenbaums Smoking Cigarette


“I've never seen a Wes Anderson movie in its entirety. I've seen bits and pieces of Gwyneth Paltrow being grumpy and smoking a cigarette, but nothing has ever convinced me to delve deeper into that catalog. It's like…a lot of jokey chase scenes and the same people in every movie, right? I think I'm okay.”  – Alexis

Breaking Bad Jesse Walt


“My pop culture skeleton is definitely that I hate Breaking Bad. I watched three episodes and was so annoyed by all of the characters that I couldn’t care about them. I honestly don’t understand what the fuss was about.” – Rachel

Backstreet Boys Scream


“Back in the golden days of the Backstreet Boys, I hated them (*NSYNC for life, yo). Now I somehow know the words to all of their songs and listen to them when I'm feeling nostalgic.”  – Garnet

One Direction Dancing Onstage


“I'm 23-years-old, and I'm a recently converted Directioner. After watching This Is Us in August, I own both CDs, follow all the members on Twitter, and a few Tumblrs dedicated to specific members (cough Liam, cough Harry). I've also probably seen every YouTube interview they've ever given, because everything sounds better in a British accent. Now I'm eagerly anticipating the Ultimate Fan DVD release on December 19th.”  – Ruby

Dumb and Dumber Condiments


“I've never seen Dumb and Dumber and I never will. As a grown woman, I'm pretty sure I missed the boat on even maybe enjoying it.” – Joanna

Harry Potter But I Am The Chosen One


“I don’t like Harry PotterI stopped reading and watching anything related to Harry Potter after The Goblet of Fire, and I don’t have much of a desire to catch myself up, no matter how many marathons ABC Family airs. Since a Hogwarts obsession is practically mandatory for people of my generation, revealing my ignorance and/or disinterest to my fellow ‘90s kids is pretty scary. For what it’s worth, I would hang out with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in a heartbeat. I just can’t talk to them about horcruxes.” – Jill

Les Miserables Stage Production


“The pop culture skeleton in my closet is that I didn't actually listen to Les Misérables until Lea Michele sang “On My Own” in the pilot of Glee, despite the fact that I am a theater person. Even worse, I didn't really get into the cast recording (aka love and memorize every song) until the movie came out.” – Madeline

Full House You Got It Dude


“My pop culture skeleton is that I really don't like most classic '90s TV shows. From Family Matters to Full House to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Saved By the Bell, none of those shows really do it for me. But don't worry, I still love Friends. Only people who kick puppies don't like Friends.” – Anna

Harry Potter Ron Harry Hermione


“The summer before I went to college was when the final Harry Potter book came out, so I was pretty excited. Still, I wanted to seem like I had other life interests during this coming-of-age summer (I didn't really). In an effort to play down my own HP obsession, I would tease my brother for always being on the computer reading HP theories on MuggleNet in preparation for the book release. In reality, I was downloading podcasts from the same site and taking them on 90 minute runs by myself so I could listen to the whole things in peace. It was probably the best shape of my life.” – Meg