Open Thread: What’s Your Pop Culture New Year’s Resolution?

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We here at Crushable take pop culture very seriously, and occasionally we need to set goals for ourselves in order to consume all the glorious entertainment that’s out there in a timely fashion. You have to be organized, and since 2015 is coming up fast, that means deciding on New Year’s resolutions.

If I had to pick one thing related to pop culture that I want to accomplish in the next year, it would be refamiliarizing myself with the Star Wars franchise. The new movie is coming out next December, and the first trailer kind of blew my mind, so I want to make sure I go into this one with a head full of knowledge. Right now it’s mostly a jumble of character names and terms. So I’m going to rewatch all the movies (yes, even the prequels, cringe) and maybe even take a look at behind-the-scenes featurettes and read up on fan theories and analysis and all that geeky stuff. I might even buy a T-shirt or two. That’s right, I’m serious about this. And you’ll thank me when I can report on news about the new movie without being like, “Wait, what’s that thing called again? Where are we? Huh?”

Now that I’ve told you my pop culture resolution, it’s time for you to share yours. It can be anything from starting a TV show to stopping a TV show to catching up on a particular actor’s filmography to unfollowing a celebrity on Instagram to just listening to more music. Let us know in the comments. The first step to achieving your goal is sharing it. And these resolutions are way more fun to hear about than “I want to eat more kale” or “I want to take up knitting.” No offense if those happen to be your exact resolutions this year; good luck with them.

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