10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By TLC: From The Almost Appropriate To The Wildly Inappropriate

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Are you looking for a cheap Halloween costume idea that's not only relevant to 2012, but also easy to put together? Well, look no further than the fine programming at TLC. In the past few months, we've met more than enough characters on the Network who inspire us to dress up. And because they're real people who mostly wear real clothes, you can probably find the costumes in your very own closet.

But just because you can easily dress as a real life person, doesn't always mean you should. So as a TLC aficionado who DVRs every single series and watches them enthusiastically, I thought I could help walk you through which costumes will be a hit at your party — and which ones can lead to you potentially being hit.

After all, just because you're a fan of a show, doesn't always mean that you can pull the costume off. As someone who's learned this time and time again (what are you? OMG WHAT!? Why would you do that? What's wrong with you!), trust me on this.

Let's begin with the appropriate costumes, the costumes that will have all the people at the party oooing and awwing over your creativity.


1. Long Island Medium

This would be a fun and relevant costume for you to wear! Not only is it easy to put together, but you can spend the night revealing secrets about your friends to everyone at the party — and blaming it all you on your inability to suppress you psychicness. Sorry you're not sorry for being able to see beyond.

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2. An Extreme Cheapskate

Yes to this costume! As one our newest guilty pleasures at Crushable, it's safe to say it also falls into the category of an appropriate costume that doesn't make people feel uneasy. Not to mention you won't have to spend any money on alcohol, food, BYO candy corn, etc. Because, hey, you're cheap! Stay in character the entire evening by stealing everything that's not nailed down. Want to go all out? Bring a toolkit and take everything that is nailed down.

(Photo: TLC)

3. A Toddler in a Tiara

Sure, this costume's appropriate, but it's not exactly timely. Now that Honey Boo Boo's so chic, regular pageant children  are kind of on the decline. I suppose you could go for Eden Wood, but I don't recommend it if you're looking to win any sort of original costume contest.

(Photo: TLC)

4. The Duggars

While I want to fully advocate dressing up as the Duggar family for Halloween, I can't throw my complete support behind it unless you promise me that you have 20 friends to go with you. It's called 19 Kids & Counting for a reason. However I do believe that if you could round up 20 friends to go with you, you'll win the ensemble costume award of the evening. Also you'll be very popular. 20 friends!? Who are you, Zack Morris?

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5. Someone who is Breaking Amish

Wow, there are so many reasons to go with this almost appropriate costume that I can barely keep count. Not only does it involve a costume change when you go from Amish to English, but you also get to spend the evening shunning people. Did someone cut you in line for a beer. SHUN! How about that girl who took forever in the bathroom? It's not your fault she dressed up in a unitard. SHUN. Do you see how much fun this could be!?

Now on to the wildly inappropriate…

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