Poll: Would You Turn Your Backyard Into a Tiny Disney Park?

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On Monday, June 6, HGTV is premiering a new show called My Yard Goes Disney. It will join the ranks of the many, many home makeover shows out there, but what makes this one unique is that it is the only one that will take people's yards and transform them into itty bitty version of Disneyland, or World, or Euro, or whatever. That's right: You, too, can have your very own Disney theme park, conveniently located right in your backyard.


This is what the Bradburn family's yard looks like post-makeover:

Yep. The tables and chairs are mushrooms. Giant, synthetic, Disney mushrooms. And that's not all. There's also a hand-powered train…

…which the kids can ride all the way to grandma's house next door:

There's also a Cinderella's Coach-shaped cage with a swing inside it and a tipped-over teapot playhouse:

Now don't get me wrong. I love Disney. I love the Disney Parks. I have spent my birthday every four years since the year I turned 16 on Disney property (mostly by accident, but that's another story). But this? It strikes me as a bit excessive. Then again, I'm not a homeowner and I don't have small children; maybe if I was and did (and also wasn't a mostly-broke twenty-something), I'd want something like this for my kids to play around in. But maybe I wouldn't– for me, so much of the allure of the Disney parks is actually goingthere, with all the perks and ridiculous hospitality they offer. Plus, I very much doubt they'd be able to build a functioning version of the Indiana Jones Adventure ride from Disneyland in my yard.

What do you think, Crushable readers?

[Images via HGTV]