Poll: What’s Up with Julia Stiles’ Puffy Face?

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Although these photos of Julia Stiles are from April, they've been circulating over the past twelve hours — mostly because the actress doesn't look anything like herself.

Her face is strangely swollen, and we can't tell if it's something natural (i.e., a run-in with something that stings) or her way of staying relevant by trying to look younger, but just ending up in that weird uncanny valley populated by much-older actresses like Meg Ryan.

Either way, we're worried — 'cause we love Julia's face! It's so unique: Sure, most of the time it looks like she's got a terminal case of Bitch Face, but that makes the times she smiles even more radiant.

We don't think the change has anything to do with her career, since she's got a couple of big projects lined up: An ensemble film written by Neil LaBute and a part in The Bell Jar.