Poll: Should Celebrities Always Do The Right Thing?

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Judge Judy – purveyor of the catchphrase “Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining” – says the criminal justice system prevailed when Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days. In an interview with Babs Walters (we are likethis so we can call her Babs – jk!) on her Sirius Radio talk show, Judge Judy says the Los Angeles judge did the right thing – everyone in agreement here? – but then just when we want to sorta like her, she says this:

And I’m also a great believer in the fact that if you are given the gift of celebrity, and a lifestyle that is the envy of millions of people, you party, you get to wear great clothes, you get to hang around with wonderful people, that you have a responsibility to do the right thing.

“Given the gift of celebrity?” For Lindsay – who knows no other way, ala Britney – fame has been a curse more than a blessing (except when she wins that career-comeback Oscar one day, as is her destiny). To expect a young star to set a positive example all the time – to hold them to a higher standard than the rest of us just because they are famous – is unfair and patronizing. Not to defend LiLo here, but given her addiction, behavioral issues, the saga of her unstable family and the constant media frenzy that she courts (again, she knows no other way), she's allowed to eff up now and then. She may be rich and famous, but she's only human.

But maybe we are wrong! Perhaps those with fame and money should be role models for the rest of us (see: Oprah, Spielberg, Seacrest), rather than True Hollywood Story cautionary tales. Take our poll and let us know how you vote.