Poll: Is Miley’s New Video Too Sexy?

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Why is anyone surprised Miley Cyrus‘s new music video is ultra sexy? It's not like the 17-year-old is going to regress back to singing the ABCs in her pajamas (and if she did we'd sure that would stir up a totally different form of controversy). Miley's latest offering is set to her new song “Who Owns My Heart,” and it's most definitely not about a BFF necklace.

The video features a tarted-up Miley parading around in her underwear on her way to da club. Once she's at da club, we see Hannah Montana engaged in some some sultry girl-on-girl dancing. Yikes! Personally, we're more offended by the lyric “Who owns my heart?/Is it love or is it art?” but that might just be us.