Poll: Are Scarlett Johansson’s Leaked Nude Photos Real or Fake?

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Remember the hacker ring who broke into the phones of celebrities like Natalie Portman and Dianna Agron? Well, they've posted their latest batch of pics: Two shots of The Avengers star Scarlett Johansson nude. The thing is, the reasons why these could be fake outnumber the reasons they could be real.

This is the photo that has everyone calling bullshit. Multiple sites have pointed out that the close-up of ScarJo has her looking downward, whereas her “reflection” is looking up at her phone. The way the photo cuts off, we can't tell the position of her arm that's ostensibly holding the camera phone; it's possible that she's looking up at the phone but has her eyes pointed downward demurely.

Although the breasts seem to match up in size, Scarlett's neck looks odd here. Above her collarbone, there's a weird crease that could be from a necklace… or it could be from the bad Photoshop job of sticking her head on someone else's neck. Should've used shadow to hide it, like on all the ladymag covers!

UPDATE: Our commenter sanja pointed out that the wallpaper in the above shots matches photos of Scarlett's house — that must mean the photos are real!

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