Poll: Are Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Insufferable Or Adorable?

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Are they or aren't they? That's the question most people have to the ambiguous relationship between Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. The maybe-couple are co-starring in their second movie (after He's Just Not That Into) in Going the Distance: A film about long-distance dating that doesn't look half bad just on the basis of its supporting cast.

But we'll admit it: Something about Justin and Drew's “friendship” rubs us the wrong way. He appeared on her Saturday Night Live episode, they are apparently that mythical friendship/holding patterns that grows out of a former romantic relationship, and they are just so pleased with themselves. Then again, maybe we're just bitter that these two seem to genuinely have fun and don't feel the need to label whatever the hell they are (though if you don't think it's any of the media's “fucking business“, how about NOT starring in a rom-com together??). What do you think about Drew and Justin? Take our poll and let us know!