16 Pokémon Tattoos So Epic You’ll Want to Get ‘Em All

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Whether you've been collecting Pokémon cards since you were a kid, watched the Anime series on TV or only started getting the whole trend once Pokémon Go took the world by force — it's fair to say that these fictional creatures have a special place in a lot of our hearts. And what better way is there to show your love for something than by getting a permanent etching of it on your body?

Requiem for a Cubone.

The tattoo artists at 1st Amendment Tattoo Bakersfield in California were stoked about doing ink like this — but not going to lie, it looks like this one probably hurt a lot. That deep black color probably meant that a lot of time was spent filling in the sketch. That said, the completed piece looks like a work of art so hopefully, the pain was worth it! We're sure the guy who wears this ink on his back every day probably gets a ton of compliments from Pokémon lovers and people who have no idea that this is actually inspired by the Japanese franchise.