17 Podcasts Millennial Women Should Listen to

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Podcasts is a commuter's best friend. Taking the train or sitting in traffic is much more bearable with some entertainment in your ears. And they're not only good during commutes, but while doing laundry, the dishes and while working out.

The great thing about podcasts is that there is one out there for everyone. Some will have you attempting to suppress laughter on the train and others will have you trying to cover your eyes that are welling up with tears when listening heartbreaking stories.

Their rising popularity has made it even more difficult to pick what to listen to, much like the struggle of picking a show to watch on Netflix. There are so many different podcasts out there and so little time to vet each and every one to see which are worth the listen. Luckily, we've did the work for you. Here's a list of podcasts on topics like feminism, race, technology, comedy, sex and more that every millennial woman will love.