You Can Watch Pitch Perfect Perform At The Movie Awards Here, Just Don’t Expect Any Cups

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rebel wilson pitch perfect mtv movie awards 2013

Hate to point out the elephant in the room, but the Pitch Perfect reunion at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards didn't exactly overwhelm me. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it barely even hitting whelm on my scale. Which is a shame because I spent the last few days dreaming about how amazing it would be. I don't need to be the one to tell you that Pitch Perfect was the best movie ever made. And that it revolutionized the cup industry in this country.

The award show opening kicked off with host Rebel Wilson being discovered in the Australian outback by James Franco — a man who's greatest talent appears to be showing up places you wouldn't expect him to be. Or even places that he would expect himself to be. I'm guessing he often sees himself acting in things and is like, “ohhhh that wasn't a dream? I did play Oz! Oh wow, I feel so much better now!” He helps Rebel get to L.A in time to host the awards, manages to squeeze in two fat jokes and disappears again. To where? I don't know. That special place in his mind where he gets to make a Spring Breakers sequel probably.

The magic(ish) happens when Rebel arrives at the show and starts singing Miley Cyrus' motivational song “The Climb.” Just when you're feeling like you can accomplish anything you put your mind do (like marry Liam Hemsworth), the boys of Pitch Perfect show up. All I have to say about that is “hello Skylar Astin, how nice to see you again.” After we watch them acapella-it-up with Rebel, the ladies come out. Rumor has it that Anna Kendrick was there, but I didn't see /hear her or see/hear any cups, sooooo whatever, you know?

Even though I didn't l-o-v-e their performance, it's still better than anything else you've heard this year.

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