There’s Going To Be A Pitch Perfect Holiday Album, And This Post Serves As My Christmas List

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Pitch Perfect

If the intense toner you got from learning Pitch Perfect 2 is happening quickly disappeared when you found out it won't come out until 2015, then rejoice in this news, my friends. There's a Pitch Perfect holiday album on its way this year. That's right, the thing that you probably didn't realize you wanted but now can't imagine living without is finally happening, and the cast of last year's most quotable movie is recording a collection of a cappella Christmas songs. Hana Mae Lee, who played low-talker Lilly in the movie, broke the news to MTV at the Teen Choice Awards this past Sunday.

“There are Christmas classics,” Lee confirmed. “I'll be singing ‘Silent Night.' I'm pretty sure it's going to be all a cappella. You know, for our ‘Pitch Perfect' soundtrack, it's all a cappella — even the percussion. It's all us, so it's going to be sweet though because it's going to sound like there's other things, but it's all us.”

And this isn't just Hana's personal fantasy. It's been confirmed as happening by Universal, but there aren't any more details at the moment. I think any new music from this aca-awesome cast is more than welcome among fans of the movie, but the fact that it comes with a built-in gifting opportunity makes it even better. It'll be the perfect stocking stuffer. Or the perfect thing to just throw across the table at your friend unwrapped. Nobody's gonna complain. Clearly this post also doubles as my Christmas list. Santa, are you reading this? Put down the cookies and get your elves on it! This is all I want. Just drop it down the chimney from the sky on your way to the other houses. No need to come in and say hi. I'm sure you'll be very busy.

Wow, as if we didn't have enough reason to want the holidays to come around. Sweater weather, peppermint-flavored things, formulaic Lifetime movies, idiotic Fox News anchors ranting about the War on Christmas, and now the Bellas and Treblemakers crooning carols for our ears' enjoyment. This really is the reason for the season. I guess I'll just go listen to “Cups” to tide me over.

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