Watch The Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer, Join Me In Worrying It Can’t Beat The Original

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Watch The Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer  Join Me In Worrying It Can t Beat The Original Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp Pitch Perfect GIF lesbi honest gifI just watched the newly-released trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, and I am scared, you guys. Scared of what, I don’t know. Scared that it won’t live up to the first one? Scared that it will live up to the original? Scared that Skylar Astin and I will never end up together? Probably all of the above.

Because honestly, I don’t even know what I think about this trailer. If I’d seen it without ever watching the first Pitch Perfect movie, I’d probably be totally psyched right now to watch a movie about a ballin’ female a capella team. But since I don’t live in a vacuum and I not only saw it, but also loved it fully and desperately with my whole heart — it’s hard for me to push aside the doubting voices in my head telling me that the sequel can’t possibly be as good as the original.

Which is crazy! Because the writer Kay Cannon, stars Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp and what looks like the entire rest of cast came back for the second time around, so it should be fine, right? Lightning always strikes twice! That’s a saying, right? Ugh, I have myself all whipped into a frenzy here, so why don’t you just watch the trailer for PP2 and make up your own opinion. (Except definitely tell me what you think, because I need more input to put my mind at ease.)

Am I wrong to be nervous? Does it feel like two separate movies both advertised in the same trailer to anyone else? The first half is all somber and ‘we’re leaving’ and it’s gonna be sad. But then the second half is the movie that I really want to see — the big musical numbers and the sing-offs and all the recognizable faces and the David Cross!

There’s so much good here that I just can’t imagine it going wrong, but since I also can’t imagine it going as right as the first one, I’ll just be sitting here on my hands until May 15th, 2015. GAH.

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