Brush Up On Your Mermaid Dancing, Because Pitch Perfect 2 Is Happening

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Brush Up On Your Mermaid Dancing  Because Pitch Perfect 2 Is Happening Pitch Perfect1 gif

We may have been kind of underwhelmed by the Pitch Perfect cast’s performance at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love the movie. Anna Kendrick’s adorable “Cups” video from earlier this week just further reminded us what an instant classic the movie is and how much we adore the cast. So we’re horizontal running with excitement right now upon learning that Pitch Perfect 2 has been confirmed as a thing that’s actually happening in real life for real. Adam Fogelson, head of Universal, revealed at Las Vegas CinemaCon that the sequel is being planned for a 2015 release, and Kay Cannon will return to write the screenplay.

2015 does seem like a long time to wait, but let’s hope it comes out January 1, 2015 and not sometime around Christmas. Don’t keep the magic from us, movie people!

Recently there were reports that the sequel was being talked about and stars like Rebel Wilson were signing on to reprise their roles. But now it’s officially official. And if we’ve learned anything from the Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon debacle, it’s that if rumors go on for too long without confirmation, bad things can happen. Bad things like unfunny jokes and terrible singing. At least the singing would be good in this particular rumor mill.

So what to we do now? We can stalk the Twitter accounts of stars like Elizabeth Banks and Anna K trying to decode anagrams and analyze favorited tweets to figure out if there’s a pattern that will point to the sequel’s plot. Or we could just patiently wait to hear more news while we rewatch the movie and put together a group of friends to sing a cappella at the midnight screening. I figure I’ve got at least a year and a half to perfect my singing ability, so can totally go from Russell Crowe to Mariah Carey by the time the movie comes out. The really tricky part will perfecting the mashups and looking just as cool as Anna Kendrick with a set of headphones draped around my neck. This is gonna take some hard work.

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