Oh Hell Yes: Rebel Wilson Has Signed On For Pitch Perfect 2

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batcherlorette premiere 3 240812Even though Pitch Perfect only made $63.9 million at the box office when it came out this September, Universal felt that it was one of the more original movies this year, so they're in talks to reward its cult-ish following with a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2! Yes please!

In case you missed out on this sparkling gem of a movie, it's about an all-girls acapella group trying to modernize their sound and win some competitions, bitch! It starred Anna Kendrick, Brittany SnowAnna Camp, and my personal new favorite human — Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. There are some boys in it, too, but we'll get to them later because I want to talk about Rebel some more. She's an Australian actress who you might remember from Bridesmaids or Bachelorette. Actually, you will remember her, because she's hilarious and wonderful and has perfect comic timing. In case it's unclear, I think she's amazing. And she's already signed on for the unconfirmed sequel, which is the most amazing thing of all. According to Skylar Astin, who's one of those boys who I said was in the movie:

“I do have a meeting with a Universal representative next week. And I know that Rebel Wilson had hers last weekend. It's definitely a talking point.”

Universal will probably want to see how the DVD sales do before they set anything definite, but if Rebel is involved, I will 100% be there. Skylar plays Jesse, the romantic lead who pursues Anna Kendrick's character Beca, and it sounds like he is signed on as well, although he's more interested in the music than the cast:

“I think that I am willing to do anything. I like to collaborate. If my voice will be heard, than I will do some research and think about it. There are definitely times where I am listening to the radio, and I think, “That would be awesome. I would love to sing that.” It's this weird karaoke fantasy that I might someday get to live out on the big screen. Then again, I know there are so many politics in that decision-making. Also relevance. If we film this next year, and it doesn't come out for another year and a half, will that song still be popular? Will it be over played? I think they did such a perfect job. The music landed so perfectly when it came out the first time, I can't imagine, if the same people are involved, that lightening won't strike twice. I will sing whatever they want me to sing.”

Well that's convenient, because I will watch you sing whatever they want you to sing. So let's hop to it and get this movie filmed, yeah?

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