Happy Birthday, Pippa Middleton… And Thanks For Giving NYC The Gift of Moving Here

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Not only is today the 29th birthday of Britain's most famous derriere, Pippa Middleton, but it is also the day she decided to hunt for apartments in NYC, joyously uniting Manhattanites and Anglophiles alike.

Pips was spotted waltzing around NYC with a realtor today, exploring various flats probably in the same way Emily Blunt‘s character from The Devil Wears Prada would explore flats.

As much as I adore Kate Middleton, it's Pippa who first stole the show at the royal wedding last spring when aristocrats and paupers alike dropped their jaws as she entered Westminster Abbey in The Dress That Launched A Thousand Copycats.  She, like Prince Harry, has the best royal gig ever by simply being a sibling to the heir to the throne.  The only difference is that rather than parading around in her birthday suit and snorting blow off of Ryan Lochte‘s barrel chest, she likes to hang with other rich brats who like to play Russian Roulette with guns in public.  Pippa and Harry get all of the fame, money, clothes and opportunity but with none of the expectations.  How could Americans NOT be excited about the possibility of her moving here?  I'd like to think we'd be friends as I, too, have a little junk in the trunk and also I would like to raid her new SoHo walk-in closet.

Happy birthday, Pippa Middleton!  And may the NYC apartment-hunting odds be EVER in your favor.


(Photo by: WENN)