Listening To P!nk Talk About Her Daughter Is The Most Adorable Way To Start Your Day

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Pink Willow Bike Ride Florida February 2013

I woke up this morning fully prepared to fill you in on today's hawtest celebrity news. Then I watched this clip of P!nk talking to Ellen DeGeneres about her family on The Ellen Show and my ovaries climbed up my esophagus and into my brain and took over. Which is something they're wont to do when celebrity babies get involved. All it takes is one celebrity telling one adorable anecdote about one precocious child and they're all up in my thinking space, brainstorming blog ideas, looking up photos of hot celebs holding tiny animals, reminding me that my best childbearing years are already behind me, you know, just doing their ovary thing.

So please know in advance that this video clip today is brought to you by them. With love. As well as the goal of making your ovaries take over your brain too. May we all spend the entire day behaving like giant balls of mush! Just giggling over good looking human beings and googling photos of puppies in pajamas and crying over sentimental Home Depot commercials. Taking a break only to rewatch this clip of P!nk telling Ellen about how watching baby Willow get mad at her only makes her more delicious. Yes, yes, she uses the word delicious because squeeeeee.

(Photo: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews.com)