Pink Stops Her Concert To Comfort A Little Girl, Comforts The World In The Process

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Pink and Daughter Willow Bike Ride Fort Lauderdale 26 Feb 2013

So this Pink… or P!nk, if you prefer unnecessary punctuation marks. (I know you listen to fun.) She's pretty nice lady, huh? I'm starting to really shed my memories of her role in the “Lady Marmalade” video and the fact that she spelled one of her albums Missundaztood. (That just doesn't make sense.) In fact, now I really wish I had her phone number so I could call her every time I got a boo-boo or heard a scary noise at night. Because she's a very good comforter. Very good.

A few nights ago, Pink was performing her song “Who Knew” at a concert in Pennsylvania. She then asked her guitarist to stop and began asking about a sad little girl in the audience. Apparently two women near the girl were fighting, and the girl started crying. The comfortfest that ensues will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, etc.

Pink offers her a stuffed frog and a Rice Krispie treat that she for some reason has up on the stage with her. Don't overthink it. Pink tells the little girl she looks beautiful “all in pink” (Get it? Because Pink? You get it.) and says “Rice Krispie treats fix everything.” At this point watching the video I Googled, “can I hire pink to be on call with a rice krispie treat whenever i'm sad,” and Google responded, “Really?”

Pink then shares a little wisdom with the girl by saying, “Don't cry. Cry when you're older” and tells the fighting audience members to “cut it out” because they are “grown-ass women.” You tell 'em, Pink!

Now, I don't really know why anyone took their little girl to see a Pink concert in the first place. I'm pretty sure her lyrics aren't all kid-appropriate, and also it's, you know, a loud crowded area. And if the token screaming child at every movie ever is any indication, children don't like places like that. But I hope that little girl remembers that Pink sacrificed her lucky concert frog and emergency Rice Krispie treat to make her feel better.

I want to make clear that the photograph above is not of Pink and the crying little concertgoer. She did not take the girl home with her on a bicycle. That's a picture of Pink and her daughter Willow, who I'm sure gets her own Rice Krispie-stuffed frog comfort sessions at home. Jealous.

(Photo: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews.com)