P!nk Dancing With One Billion Rising For Justice Is The Most Inspirational Thing I’ve Seen All Year

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56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

You've almost definitely heard the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” There should be a caveat that is given to all celebrities who reach A-list status: with great fame comes great responsibility. Celebrities have the opportunity to use their time in the spotlight to make a real difference, which some do and some don't. P!nk is one of those who do, and we love her for it.

Even though I still identify with P!nk as the angsty songstress who got me through junior high – I used to belt out “Don't Let Me Get Me” in the shower – I recognize that neither of us is in that phase any more. I may still get the occasional zit and she still sings some kick ass power tunes, but I don't cry over that zit any more and she channels her energy into making the world a better place. Even when she's not changing lives, she's still an amazing person; who else but P!nk could perfectly call out fellow do-good celebrity Ellen DeGeneres on getting her husband's identity completely wrong?

P!nk's latest enterprise is joining with One Billion Rising for Justice, an organization dedicated to bringing about justice and ending violence against women and girls. In a statement she recognizes the problem that bullies pose to society, while recognizing that they need help, too:

“I have never liked bullies of any kind. … The bully is the problem. The bully needs a hug, a lesson, enlightenment. The bully is the one that really feels inferior, so he/she picks on someone else to make that person feel inferior too.”

On Valentine's Day last year, activists for One Billion Rising organized a global action of tens of thousands of events, with people in 207 countries dancing for the cause. P!nk was inspired by the campaign's use of dance to express outrage against the injustices done to women. In support, P!nk and her tour crew filmed a video dancing to the One Billion Rising theme song, “Break the Chain.”

“We hope this video helps. And we hope for that one day when all women and girls are able to have respect, and personal space, and to be able to express themselves in whatever way THEY feel is right for them.”

The dance happens on the stage rather than above it like P!nk's famous acrobatic stunts, but it's even more powerful than watching her swing through the air.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)