Pink Joins Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex Addict Dramedy Thanks For Sharing

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Pink‘s music has been featured in everything from White Chicks to Fantastic Four, and she's even had a few roles in indie movies, but now the singer is making her acting debut in Thanks For Sharing—and she's doing it under her real name, Alecia Moore.

Thanks For Sharing is a dramedy in the vein of 28 Days, about a support group for sex addicts. The movie's stars are Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo, who play fellow rehab patients who fall in love. Making up their support system is Tim Robbins (with Joely Richardson) playing his wife, The Book of Mormon‘s Josh Gad, and now Pink. (Or for the purposes of this story, should we refer to her as Alecia?)

All we know is that Pink's character Dede is “a kindred spirit” to Josh's character Neil. Is she another sex addict having a forbidden romance? Is she an average person that he has to hide his shameful secret from? Thanks For Sharing has just started filming, so we won't know for a while.

But this is a really excellent role for Pink to choose as her mainstream debut. Through her music she boldly takes on issues like depression (“Fuckin' Perfect”), alcoholism and other dependencies (“Sober,” “Just Like A Pill”), and heartbreak (“So What”). So of course she's better suited for a bold drama with moments of comedy, rather than a weepy indie or knuckle-headed comedy. We're really looking forward to seeing what she does with the role.