P!nk Calls Ellen Out For Getting Her Husband’s Name Wrong, Ellen Has The Perfect Response

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P nk Calls Ellen Out For Getting Her Husband s Name Wrong  Ellen Has The Perfect Response Pink husband Travis Barker mistake on Ellen 2014 jpg

Last week we learned that even Ellen DeGeneres gets the flu sometimes, and now we’re learning that she can also make mistakes. Okay, so Ellen herself can’t make mistakes; that’s totally impossible. She’s a perfect angel sent to Earth to make famous people embarrass themselves on national TV by imitating farm animals. That’s just a fact. But the people who work for her can make mistakes. Sometimes the mistake in question is thinking one guy with a neck tattoo is a different guy with a neck tattoo. Specifically, thinking P!nk’s husband Carey Hart is Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

It happened during The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s red carpet coverage from the 2014 Grammys. Either P!nk was watching Ellen’s show — probably while hanging from the ceiling on her acrobatic fabric — or she was alerted to the gaffe by someone. Either way she tweeted a screenshot of the mistake, writing “Hahaha OMG @TheEllenShow oops.” Of course she took it in good spirits, because she’s P!nk, the most chill person ever.

You might think Ellen would just ignore the mistake and pretend it never happened, making a mental note to punish whoever did it by only smiling at them ten times the next day instead of the usual twenty. But she didn’t. She owned up to it on Twitter in the most perfect Ellen way.

I mean, is that perfect or is that perfect? No one constructs a good-natured comeback like Ellen DeGeneres. That’s why I’m so excited for her to host the Oscars again this year. After this incident I’m hoping she makes a couple of mistakes during the show — maybe changes the name of Her to Him or accidentally assumes Leonardo DiCaprio has already won that Oscar he so desires — so we can get more funny Twitter responses like this.

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