Watch P!nk Do Acrobatics Over The Grammys Audience, Just Try To Keep Your Jaw Off The Ground

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Watch P nk Do Acrobatics Over The Grammys Audience  Just Try To Keep Your Jaw Off The Ground Pink Grammys acrobatics gif gif

If you’re not watching the Grammys tonight, allow me to inform you that it’s been uncharacteristically uneventful. Sure there was Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fierce duet, and Taylor Swift flipped her hair back and forth so much I thought she’d get whiplash, but there have been a lotttt of slow jams at pianos. Not exactly exciting. That’s why I flailed in my seat when P!nk came out to perform “Try” and then “Just Give Me a Reason” with Nate Ruess from Fun. We already knew P!nk was a total badass, but this was a very welcome reminder. Holy cow.

I mean, she did aerial acrobatics over the audience without a net. There were splits and flips and spins and just general awesomeness. At one point she reached down and let a few people in the crowd spin her around. Yes she’s done this before; it’s kind of become her shtick. But oh my goodness, it gets me every single time. It’s getting to the point where she should just join the circus and make it official. She was a gymnast for eight years, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but this award show needed a serious dose of caffeine, and P!nk totally delivered. I think Anna Kendrick, who’s actually at the show tonight, summed it up perfectly.

It’s one of the few cases where I actually hope she was lip-syncing. There’s no way someone can spin around on fabric like that and sing without some serious stomach issues. And by stomach issues I do mean vomiting all over the Grammy audience. Sure it would make for an exciting story the next morning, but it’s probably best if it doesn’t happen. I was a little worried for her after she landed on the stage. Her heavy breathing was registering on the microphone, and she looked a bit faint during the duet. But of course she kept it under control because she’s P!nk and she literally has an exclamation point in her name. I now know who I want to be when I grow up.

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