I Wish Pink’s Husband Hadn’t Tweeted About Chris Brown Getting Raped In Prison

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Look, I hate Chris Brown as much as the next person. In fact, based on people's reactions when I start ranting about him, possibly even more than the next person. However that doesn't mean that I think people should threaten him with jokes about prison rape. Not only because prison rape's a serious issue that's sadly gotten turned into a punchline, but also because using violent rhetoric doesn't solve the problem. It just escalates it to another level.

As you probably already know, Chris Brown grew up in an abusive household. He's spoken about watching his father beat his mother and he's also spoken about losing his virginity at 8-years-old.  Regardless of everything and anything that Chris Brown says about the situation, it was rape. An 8-year-old cannot consent. Knowing what we know about his childhood, we can more easily understand how he ended up beating up Rihanna on the way to the 2009 Grammys. Understanding why he did it doesn't make it okay, but it does start to explain how a young man can be so full of rage that he pummeled someone's face with his fists.

If Chris Brown had taken responsibility for his violent behavior and gotten treatment, I would've forgiven him for what happened. I wouldn't have liked him, but I would've forgiven him. However we all know that's not what happened. He never once spoke out against domestic violence and he never once accepted responsibility for what he did to Rihanna. Instead he turned himself into the victim and twisted his abuse into a controversial incident that's gotten swept under the rug by the entire music industry. That's why I hate him. That's also why I wasn't surprised when he got arrested this past weekend for beating someone up who bothered him. Anger problems don't go away because someone has a loyal fan base and a few hit songs.

However I was surprised to see Carey Hart, better known around these parts as Pink's awesome husband, tweet about Chris Brown getting abused in prison.

Violence only begets more violence. Chris Brown getting abused does nothing to solve his abusive behavior. In fact, most would probably argue that it would only make things worse. He didn't turn out this way because he grew up in a healthy household full of healthy and adult interactions — he turned out this way because he grew up surrounded by anger and violence. While I don't think Carey's tweet is anything more than a normal kneejerk reaction to Chris Brown getting in trouble for beating someone up again, I also think that we have to be careful of how we talk about him. As hard as it is to do, we have to be the bigger people here. We have to make sure the discussion is about breaking the cycle of abuse and not continuing it. Otherwise, we're just as bad as Chris Brown.

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