Rihanna Tweets Photo Of Her And Chris Brown That Just Makes Me Say Ugh

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If you're looking for a quality reason to throw up your breakfast this morning, look no further than the photo Rihanna tweeted out last night of her and Chris Brown. As always, it's charming and eloquently written. Why, if Rihanna wasn't so busy taking people hostage on her press trips, I think she could easily have a career as  poet. Naturally her anthology of poetry would be titled “Thug Life.”

But alas, I don't think she tweeted out this photo just to show off her writing skills. I think she did it to remind us that she and Chris Brown are back together forever and ever and ever. You know what? Let's throw another ever on there, because that's how long they're going to date.

She does not care what we think and she does not care we say. This photo's the 2012 equivalent of her giving each and everyone one of us the middle finger. Even if Chris Brown got scared off of Twitter, she's making it clear that she's happy to speak for both of them.

And honestly, I'm starting not to care. As much as I hate to see her going back to her abuser and as much as I understand how common this is among domestic violence victims, their romance is getting exhausting. Every single day we're subjected to some new, horrible chapter in this thing they think is love and it's getting increasingly harder to get angry.

Especially when tweets like this one get 11,500+ retweets from the Team Breezy army. Whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown will be together forever is up for debate, but they're very clearly back together now and they've clearly — to steal Rihanna's word — unapologetic about their relationship.


(Photo: @Rihanna)