Paris Jackson Mileys Her Hair In Possible First Step Towards Fraught Child Stardom

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I'm starting to worry about Paris Jackson, you guys. After years of being protected from the prying eyes of the paparazzi as well as her own worst impulses by her late father, the loquacious 14-year-old is suddenly all over social media. She posts photos of her private life, muses angstily, beefs with haters, wants to “make it” as an actress sometime in the near, pre-adulthood future, and now, she has Miley-ed her hair and posted the photo on Instagram.

As you can see, she didn't just get a haircut, but appears to be transforming into the kind of post-Goth, panda-eyed emo kid that's been perplexing aging hipsters since the turn of the millennium. While being an emo kid is a natural part of the life cycle for some, I'm a little bit worried this is the start of a larger “doing things for attention” narrative that will no doubt progress to inappropriate sideboob, animal hoarding, and young marriage. Doesn't she know that getting married too young raises the risk of divorce? And that keeping too many animals in one house is dangerous for their health and yours? More importantly, who looks at Miley Cyrus (and the coverage she gets) and thinks “that's exactly the kind of celebrity I would like to be”? The fact that she kept it ambiguous whether that was her real hair or a wig further hints at a Miley-esque kind of publicity baiting.

Of course, sometimes a haircut is just a haircut. And it looks like she didn't even actually get her hair cut yet, she's just talked about it. And it's nice that she's going to donate her hair to Locks Of Love (we think?). But the memory of her father is still fresh enough in my mind that I really, really don't want her to become another sad reminder of why child stardom is a dangerous proposition. If that means getting overly freaked out about her practice of sharing every detail of her life on twitter, so be it.

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Photo: Paris Jackson