Ukrainian Politician Calls Mila Kunis ‘A Dirty Jewess’ In Misguided Attempt To Pick Fight With Someone More Famous Than Him

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ng mila kunis 270612Mila Kunis might be known primarily for being every lad mag's Babeliest Babe Of Every Year and making the dubious decision to date Ashton Kutcher, but did you know she grew up Jewish in a place where anti-Semitism is still a huge problem? It's true. Shit's like the middle ages over there!

Mila has spoken to the press about her Ukrainian heritage in the past (her family moved to the US when she was 7), and we know she's not lying because we have seen her smack down a Russian reporter in Russian in a most bad ass fashion. Perhaps that's what convinced anti-Semitic politician Igor Miroshnichenko to try to pick a fight with her by saying she's not a true Ukrainian (despite having been born there) because she's Jewish. He also called her a ‘zhydovka,' an anti-Jewish slur dating back to the Holocaust which translates roughly to “dirty Jewess” and which the Ukrainian government recently ruled should not be banned because it is “not necessarily a slur.” Come again?

Now, LA's Simon Wiesenthal Center has written a letter to the Ukrainian Prime Minister asking him to condemn these horrid remarks, as he should. Kunis has yet to respond, as she is #aboveit. But I think I know what's really going on here. Mr. Miroshnichenko was simply trying to employ the tried and true “pick a fight with someone more famous than you” method of attention getting used by so many aspiring celebrities. Only he forgot that most of the world doesn't think like Borat and picked on Mila Kunis for being a “dirty Jewess,” despite the fact that there are hundreds of more legit things he could've picked on her for, starting with Ted and working his way up. He'll never be America's sweetheart at this rate!

I'd give him more advice on getting mainstream famous, but I'm not sure why he would listen to a dirty Jewess like me. Now if you will excuse me, this Christian baby blood is not going to drink itself.

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