When He Doesn’t Look Like A Mustachioed Hermione, Emma Watson’s Brother Alex Is Pretty Foxy

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Alex Watson Emma Watson's brother modelingSo um, that right there is a picture of Emma Watson‘s brother, Alex Watson. I um. I…I need a moment. I have really come to terms with having a girlcrush on Emma, so now the fact that there's a boy version of her shirtlessly modeling his way around the world, my brain is a little overwhelmed. I just barely got over the magic of 2013 Emma with her arm around little 90s Emma, and now I'm supposed to adjust to a whole new sibling, too?? He's younger than Emma, who's twenty-two, but I haven't been able to figure out by how much. I'm guessing he's like nineteen? Certainly old enough to know how to smolder. He was once an extra in one of the Harry Potter movies, but now he occupies his time with modeling. Because that's how I'd occupy my time too if I looked like that. Oh you tasty Watson Family genes, how do you do it?Alex Watson Spongebob SquarepantsBut here's the problem. Sometimes, in the right light, or in the right Spongebob Squarepants costume, Alex looks just a little too eerily similar to Emma for comfort. Sometimes he just looks like Hermione in a mustache. Which, again, brings up a lot of feelings for me, because I've dedicated a lot of time and brain power to imagining myself in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and I never had a mustachioed brother who looked exactly like me. So what is he? Is he a wizard? Is he a Muggle? Is he a Squib?!? Is he over eighteen? Is he top of his class like Hermione or does he prefer to scoot around on broomsticks in the rain? I'm assuming the latter but I have no way of knowing because I didn't realize I even had to prepare myself for this moment. So much Watson, not enough room in my Myspace Top 8.

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