Little Abigail Breslin Looks Very Grown Up In These New Pictures

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Tyler Shields is known for two things: taking exploitative photos of semi-famous women, and dating Clint Eastwood‘s embarrassing teen daughter. So when I saw he'd shot the cute little girl from Little Miss Sunshine, my stomach took a dive. KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF ABIGAIL BRESLIN, TYLER SHIELDS.

Luckily, these photos aren't as gross as his usual ones, and I will say that Abigail looks like quite the pretty young lady in them. But is a 16-year-old former child star really ready to break out the red dress and Marilyn wig and do “Old Hollywood Glamour”?

Also: it's 2012. Marilyn Monroe‘s been dead for half a century. Isn't it time to let the old gal's spirit rest?

More worryingly, the photos are meant to be a “preview” for a “film” Mr. Shields is directing called Final Girl, which stars Abigail, Wes Bentley, and more, and which I can only assume will be two hours of gratuitous nudity, blood, and sacrificial burnings of $100,000 handbags. I can't wait!

Photos: Tyler Shields