Photos of Patricia Arquette at the Emmys

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Did all of you watch the Emmys last night? I have to say, it was the best awards show I've seen in a long time. Neil Patrick Harris should probably just save everyone in Hollywood a lot of trouble and host everything. He was funny, charming, and kept the show moving at a good clip.

Anyway, even though Medium wasn't up for any awards last night, Patricia Arquette was on hand to present an award with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She wore a structured, asymmetrical dress that looks really nice in pictures, but that I wasn't wild about when she was presenting.

In case you missed the show last night, or want to look more closely at the dress, here are some pictures of Arquette and her husband Thomas Jane from last night's Emmys.

patricia arquette thomas jane emmys20090920_paf_f05_093

patricia arquette emmy close up20090920_ave_o05_393



Images: Zuma Press