I Give Megan Fox So Many Props For Not Selling Out Her Baby

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Megan Fox Baby EllenI know Time Magazine just named President Obama person of the year, but I personally think Megan Fox deserves the honors a lot more. Up until this year, we all viewed her as an actress who solely existed to add another layer of publicity to the Transformer movies. Also to make guys horny. I would be remiss in my job if I didn't throw in the h-word.

But this year she really broke out of the box with comedic roles in Friends With Kids and This is 40. True story: she made me laugh aloud with her portrayals as a “sexy woman” in both movies. She knows what people think about her and she owns it in both these roles. As if that wasn't enough to make me Team Megan Fox (oh, I how long to go back to the days when celebrities weren't paired with teams), she gets so many props for not selling out her new baby.

While promoting This is 40 on The Ellen Show this week, she mentioned that there's a good reason that no photos of her on Noah exist in magazines — she doesn't want him to be photographed. Boom. That's all it takes to keep your son off the cover of People Magazine.

As much as I love stalking celebrity children, I also love when celebrity parents make the decision to keep their lives private for as long as possible. Also, considering that his parents are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene, I think we already know that he's very cute.

Besides any true Lifetime enthusiast got their fill of Brian Austin Greene being a good father in the epic movie Unwed Father.

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