Photographer Recreates Pippa/Harry Moments That Could Have Been In New Lookalike Photo Series

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We personally don't like when people ‘ship Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton because they're real people and that's taking your celebrity fascination a bit too far. But when you add lookalikes to the mix, we're totally OK with playing pretend. Photographer and videographer Alison Jackson, known for her films and photo shoots of celebrity lookalikes, has turned her lens on to the Royal Wedding‘s wishlist couple.

In a surprising but very savvy move, Alison set up the photoshoot as a series of extras on the Bridesmaids DVD. Because as we all know, Pippa is the best bridesmaid ever for managing to upstage her sister Kate at her own nationally televised wedding to Prince William. (Rose Byrne‘s character Helen, eat your heart out.)

The photos are really convincing, right? I had to do a triple take to make sure that I hadn't stumbled upon some tabloid gold. There's an excellent attention to detail, from Pippa's hairstyle on the big day to her wearing Harry's military jacket as she slips out of his room in the wee morning hours. And the ass grope below? Perfect.

Alison is currently working on a new TV special called Get Out Of My Way, I'm a Lookalike.

Photos: Alison Jackson/Rex/Rex USA