Pharrell Comes Out As A Feminist On Good Morning America, Just One Oversized-Hat-Wearin’ Feminist

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Pharrell Good Morning America April 2014


Few things make my heart smile harder than when celebrities are brave enough to come out as feminists. So you can only imagine how excited I was to hear that Pharrell Williams used his appearance on Good Morning America today to give us ladiez a shout out. According to Zap2It, he went from talking about women as a demographic to talking about women being living, breathing humans who deserve to be treated just like men. And not just when it comes to wearing comically-sized hats on the red carpet.

Women are “such an incredible demographic that's been taking care of me for the past 20 years,” Pharrell replies when asked about the influences on his new album. “Women just deserve so much better and so much more,” the singer, writer and producer says. “I mean, you guys don't get paid as much as men do — that needs to change. We're a species that has a Martian rover on the surface of Mars! Yet we're the same species that tries to tell women what they can and can't do with their bodies. That needs to change.”

Yeah, I know, take a moment to celebrate his awesomeness with one of these:

lupita nyong'o dancing pharrell oscars 2014


Then take another moment (or several) to ponder the fact he's aging better than Benjamin Button.

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Finally take a moment to shake your head at the way the GMA hosts responded to what he said. Which, for the record, was ignoring it completely and moving to something less controversial, like silly cat fails or triple homicide. Because even though it's 2014, saying things like, “women should be paid as much as men,” is seen as controversial. After all, they musn't offend all the viewers out there who are still hoping that who don't believe in equality.

While I wish it wasn't news when famous people say that women deserved to be treated better, I'm still (cue the music) happy that Pharrell said it. The more influential people who jump on the “women ain't so bad” bandwagon, the closer women will get to fair treatment. And once we get equality out of the way, we can move onto more exciting tings. Such as Pharrell's secret to everlasting youth? Is it more Edward Cullen or more Sanderson Sisters? Inquiring minds want to know!h