Peter Dinklage’s Commencement Speech Is Hilarious And Heartfelt And Will Make Your Day Better

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Peter Dinklage commencement speech Bennington College funny aww

Today started off on such a weird note, with Miley Cyrus getting engaged and the death of literary legend Ray Bradbury. Just a weird mix of distress and grief and feeling lost. You need something to ground you, to make you laugh and feel nostalgic for college (or, if you're still in high school, excited for the next stage of your life). Actor Peter Dinklage recently spoke at Bennington College‘s commencement, having graduated himself from the school in 1991.

The clip has amassed over 14,000 views since Bennington put it up last night—and with good reason! I usually don't like to sit through celebrity commencement speeches on YouTube, but this is a half hour well spent. Maybe it's because of the intensity he brings to every role, from a Nip/Tuck recurring character to Game of Thrones‘ royal (p)imp Tyrion Lannister, but I've always regarded Dinklage as kind of intimidating and serious.

Not so! The man is utterly charming and hilarious. He spends the first fifth of the speech cracking jokes about Game of Thrones and poking fun at himself as a senior exploring Bennington for the first time. He's like the wry, street-smart uncle you wish you had to guide you through your post-graduation years. Watch this now.

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