A Little Bit Of Heaven Trailer Reminds Us Of Peter Dinklage’s Embarrassing Pre-Game Of Thrones Career

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Peter Dinklage A Little Bit of Heaven gigolo embarrassing trailer Kate Hudson cancerReally, everyone involved in A Little Bit of Heaven, a.k.a. Kate Hudson Has Cancer, should be embarrassed. It's astonishing to think that there can be sensitive films about coping with terminal illness, like 50/50 and the upcoming Dakota Fanning drama Now Is Good, and then there's faux-feel-good drivel like this.

Kate plays some sort of ad executive who's young, pretty, successful, and beloved… then she discovers that she has cancer. She refuses to change her lifestyle and would rather die the way she lived, but her family and friends decide that that's not good enough. Cue all this weird self-discovery stuff where she eats meat for the first time in 12 years and grooves with Whoopi Goldberg (as God, natch) in a hallucination.

But the person we feel really sorry for is Peter Dinklage, who got stuck with more of a punchline than a character: He's a gigolo named Vinnie who goes by the nickname — you guessed it — “A Little Bit of Heaven.” Vulture puts it perfectly that of course there's a cringeworthy scene of Kate and Vinnie making over-the-top sex noises for her friend's benefit, because its that kind of movie.

Obviously you have to pay your dues before you make it big like Dinklage did with HBO's Game of Thrones, but in that category I'd consider his outlandish Nip/Tuck character Marlowe, the nanny who steals Julia's heart. That was ridiculous but also something respectable, since it takes a lot of chutzpah to appear on a Ryan Murphy show.

We're just going to close our eyes and pretend this movie doesn't exist. And it may as well not, since it got released overseas but won't make it to the U.S. til this spring.