Video Gallery: The Best Of Peter Dinklage In Honor Of His Birthday

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Peter Dinklage birthday June 11 best of Tyrion Lannister Elf videosPeter Dinklage is just the best. I've been a casual fan since he played nanny Marlowe on Nip/Tuck years ago, but it seems as if Dinklage hasn't been able to show his range in a mainstream role until HBO's Game of Thrones. The man is wry, affecting, and incredibly self-assured, both in his onscreen roles and when he's himself in interviews.

Last week, his commencement speech to his alma mater Bennington College made all of the week's weird news better. And now today is his birthday! Dinklage is 43 and hitting his peak as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones; he's easily had the best moments of the season. Which is why we're kicking off his birthday video gallery with just that:

The more high-minded of us know Peter from his role in The Station Agent… but many of us first met him as “the angry elf” in Elf. Along with Will Ferrell, we learned never to mess with this guy:

We've got to also highlight Peter's semi-serious moments, like his Emmys win last year where he thanked his dog-sitter and praised HBO:

Cracking jokes for GQ when they named him Stud of the Year for 2011:

And if you're in an especially schadenfreude mood, you can watch Tyrion slapping bitchy child king Joffrey for 10 minutes set to Led Zeppelin. I know very little about Game of Thrones, but every time Tyrion puts Joffrey in his place I have to cheer.

Happy birthday, Peter Dinklage!

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