18 Period-Set TV Shows That’ll Make You Want to Time Travel

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If you want to feel some crazy nostalgia for days gone by, look no further than TV. While there are plenty of present-day-set series on the air, there are also so many great period shows to choose from. And we're not just talking about stuffy historical dramas either! There's a wealth of comedies, dramedies, and – okay – a few dramas set in different decades. And it makes us seriously want to time travel.

Whether a show is set in the roaring '20s, the crazy '80s, or even the 1800s, we have one main thought: we want to go to there. Let's be honest — today's world is kind of a mess. Social, political, and economic factors are turning the 2000s into the bleakest century yet. So why not turn back the clock to yesteryear? Here are some great period-set shows that we wish we could live in for just a little bit!