A Plastic Surgeon Tells Us Exactly What Plastic Surgery Perez Hilton Had Done So We Can Avoid That Very Procedure

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Last week Perez Hilton showed up to Logo's NewNowNext Awards looking like he started dating a  plastic surgeon's scalpel and a keg of hot wax. His body looked different — and not exactly in a good way. Maybe his outfit was throwing me off, but he looked like he went to a plastic surgeon, closed his eyes and said, “surprise me!”

We analyzed his new look in the office, but couldn't quite figure out what he had done. Did he get a rib removed? Did he use stomach waxing for an amazing “I have abs now” effect? Or maybe he just had a one-night stand with a liposuction machine. We couldn't figure it out.

Luckily for us, Dr. Semira Bayati, a CA Board Certified surgeon, reached out to us today with her expert commentary. While we've never met Dr. Bayati and while Perez Hilton has never met Dr. Bayati, we trust her opinion completely. Well, maybe not completely. But considering that Perez Hilton got famous by snarking on celebrities' bodies, we don't see the problem with listening to what she has to say.

So what does the good doctor from Newport Beach, California (the unofficial home of plastic surgery) have to say?

“Perez Hilton has had liposculpting of the abdominal wall.  In this procedure, the fat under the skin is selectively reduced to give the appearance of a six-pack.  It is done very well and he has minimal excess skin in the lower abdomen, which occurs after massive weight loss followed by liposuction alone.  The excess skin is visible in the wrinkling that you see in the second photograph in the lower abdominal region (image below). In the facial area, he has had some fillers to the facial lines and some Botox to the forehead.  There is no other evidence of any major surgical intervention in the face at this time.”

If we go with what Dr. Bayti says, Perez Hilton did have work done. But not as much as I previously guessed. However my guess was a tad  extreme. To quote myself in an article I wrote last Friday:

It looks like his doctor stapled the wrong organ and then tried to hide it by doing some creative waxing work on his stomach. And then sent him to get dressed at the Broke Brotherz store which sells two piece suits sans shirts.

Looks like I was wrong about the stapling the wrong organ. This won't stop me from giving my medical opinion of course, but going forward I'll try to give a more realistic analysis. Although I'm sure some celeb, somewhere did get the wrong organ stapled at one point.

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