People magazine describes Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie as a loving couple

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As expected, not everyone was convinced when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up together at the DGAs the other night, citing it as publicity. I have to ask, publicity for what exactly? Brad doesn't have any movies out right now and Angelina's next movie won't hit theaters until July. As usual though, not everyone is willing to believe that Brad and Angelina are solid.

On the other hand, People.com posted a great article describing Brad and Angelina at the awards. They were said to have been spotted sneaking in through the kitchen which is kind of cute; it makes them sound like a couple of kids themselves. They were probably late – anyone with kids can attest to how hard it is to be on time for things! – and slipped in the back way.

The article also added that they held hands all night and laughed together. Meanwhile, guests who were in attendance with them confirmed that there was no denying that Brad and Angelina were very loving and happy throughout the night:

“They were a loving couple,” says a guest who spent time with them throughout the Jan. 30 event. “It was nothing you could fake. You could feel it, and you could see in their body language that it's just a beautiful relationship. They were very sweet and tender with each other.”

The article continues, saying that Brad and Angelina stayed for the full four hours and then hung around afterwards to chat with others and to sign autographs (which we saw when we had the photo of Angelina signing a notebook for someone, which I re-posted above).

It concludes with another guest saying that despite what might be in the slag rags, “”Those two were very much together.”

Well no kidding! We already knew that, didn't we PittWatch readers?