Video: Penn Badgley Sings Like An Angel In The First Trailer For Greetings From Tim Buckley

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When I first found out Penn Badgley had been cast as the late Jeff Buckley in the movie Greetings From Tim Buckley, I'll admit I was curious. Curious if Penn Badgley could sing, curious if his acting could surpass what Gossip Girl demands of him, and curious if, despite his best talents and efforts, we could ever see him as anything other than Dan Humphrey in a Jeff Buckley costume.

Well, the first trailer has just hit the Internet, and it's promising. Granted, it's a little bit jarring to see and hear¬†Dan Humphrey Penn Badgley's handsome mug and bass-y voice attempting to portray anyone other than Dan Humphrey, let alone a pre-existing cultural figure, but hopefully that will fade when I actually sit down to watch the movie. When he says “this whole concert is fucking ridiculous,” he does sound a little bit Dan-like, but other scenes show him as a sensitive artist who plays guitar, cries, hates his father, and charms a lady, which are all things Dan would never do.

And then there's the singing. Oh, the singing. Penn supposedly took guitar and singing lessons for this role and it shows, as his rendition of Tim Buckley's “Once I Was” kind of makes me want to dissolve into a quivering cuddle puddle. Does that even make sense? Maybe his voice has made me hysterical. Anyway, I'm tentatively impressed.

(Via Pitchfork)