Paz De La Huerta’s Downward Spiral: Too Drunk To Party

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Paz De La Huerta s Downward Spiral  Too Drunk To Party Picture 54 280x167 pngAs we just noted in our last Golden Globes post, Paz De La Huerta has been looking pretty rough lately. Apparently, she’s also been getting pretty hammered.

According to TMZ, she got refused from a Globes after party for being too drunk last night. And then promptly fell over, split her dress and exposed herself. Classy!

TMZ (of course) has a whole video of Paz being drunk, falling down and generally walking around with her left breast out of her dress.

Paz has made her name on being a free spirited, unencumbered dirty girl in Hollywood. But there’s one integral part of being an It girl that’s been missing lately: looking good.

And as we just pointed out, this is what she looked like earlier in the night:

Paz De La Huerta s Downward Spiral  Too Drunk To Party 1080881091 490x735 jpg

But then again, Hollywood loves a comeback. And if she keeps going down this path, she’ll be ripe for one of those soon!