Paz De La Huerta Considers Herself ‘One Of The Rare Artists That Are Left’

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Paz de la Huerta wants people to take her seriously. She might do tabloid-y things like fall down drunk at awards shows and assault other fameballs in bars, but at the end of the day, she is the Best Actress Of Our Generation, and she is not shy about telling us.

In a recent interview with Flaunt.com, she said as much. When asked about the media's “witch hunts and spectacles,” Paz had this to say:

I feel sorry for people these days. The media really feeds off of sensationalism. I work incredibly hard. I’ve studied acting since I was 15. I consider myself one of the rare artists that are left—especially of the young actors. It’s unbelievable what some people consider great now.

How dare we mock her for the ridiculous things she says and does! Poor Paz was just minding her own business rubbing honey on her tits in front of reporters and spewing T.M.I. about her sex life, and us sad, jealous haters had to go and sensationalize it.

Here's an idea: if you don't want the negative attention to distract from your very important work as an actress, maybe stop trying so hard to get attention? I can't speak for other people, but I don't make fun of Paz because she's sexy. I make fun of her because she tries way too hard to be sexy, while at the same time proclaiming that this makes her some kind of avant-garde intellectual. You know who's good at acting? Meryl Streep. We know this because she's done a lot of fine acting, not because she told us. I guess 15-year-old Paz was too busy making sex eyes at everyone to pay attention on the first day of acting class when they went over “show, don't tell.” Or maybe she thought “show” meant “show your boobs”? Who knows.

(Via Flaunt)