Paula Deen’s Sons Say This Racism Thing Is ‘Baloney’…So Paula Deen Should Eat It?

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Paula Deen s Sons Say This Racism Thing Is  Baloney So Paula Deen Should Eat It  Jamie and Bobby Deen defend their mother Paula Deen on CNNs New Day June 2013 jpgGuys where are we landing on baloney these days? Is it good is it bad is it delicious is it totally passe? What is it? I need to know because ‘baloney’ is the word that Paula Deen‘s son Jamie Deen used to describe this whole racism controversy and I can’t tell if that means he thinks it’s good or bad or just a finely hashed/ground pork sausage containing cubes of lard that originated in the Italian city of Bologna, y’know? It’s really anybody’s game.

Jamie and his brother Bobby Deen went on CNN’s New Day to address the accusations of racism being leveled at their mother, and surprisingly, they seem not to agree with my personal assessment of the situation. When asked if their mother is a racist, Bobby says:

“That’s simply not true. Our mother was under oath, asked in a deposition to pore over her entire life and to admit whether or not she had ever heard or used this word. And it broke her heart to have to answer truthfully and say yes that she had. “

Okay but wait a second, because, as I recall, she didn’t answer ‘yes’, she answered ‘yes, of course’. I’m no professor of semantics but I think we can all agree on the difference there.

Obviously this is all a big misunderstanding, because these boys grew up ‘in a house where god lived’, which I can only take to mean a church, right? And everyone knows they don’t let racists into church. Or if they do, they make you take your shoes off first. After blinking stoically through his brother’s exultation’s of their mother’s character, Jamie pipes in as well. In the deposition that his mother gave in May, she says she taught Jamie that there can be acceptable uses of the n-word. That you aren’t to use it in a mean way, but you can use it sometimes. When the interviewer asks him if that’s true, Jamie says:

“That’s completely false. I’ve never heard that before in my life. The first time I ever heard that was right now, Chris. […] This is ridiculous. It’s completely absurd. […] It’s simply baloney.”

The video cuts off there, but I’m really hoping that someone pointed out to Jamie that either he himself was lying on a television show, or his mother was lying under oath in her deposition. It’s your call, buddy-boy, but if it’s that much baloney, why did Paula agree to it herself? I can think of absolutely zero reasons why she’d want to portray herself as more racist than she really is instead of less. That doesn’t make a darn lick of sense. Or of baloney.