Not Only Is Paul Wesley Married, But His Wife Makes Out With His The Vampire Diaries Co-Star Matt Davis

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Paul Wesley Torrey DeVitto Dr. Meredith Fell Alaric Matt DavisLooks like I missed someone when I did my gallery of celebrities we didn't know were married! It turns out that Paul Wesley, best known to The Vampire Diaries fans as Stefan Salvatore, married his girlfriend Torrey DeVitto last August. You'll probably recognize Torrey as Spencer's bitchy older sister Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, but her latest acting job has been a recurring role on TVD as Dr. Meredith Fell. The thing is, it's a little awkward because Meredith is the love interest for Paul's co-star Matt Davis.

During his visit to The Rachael Ray Show, Rachael Ray prodded Paul about the potential weirdness of Torrey watching him make out with Nina Dobrev — though that isn't the case any longer — or future love interests. But he confessed that the only person it was awkward for was poor Matt Davis, who as Alaric would be macking on Dr. Fell. As Paul told it,

“He came up to me and he was like, ‘Is this okay? Is this going to be okay? Are you sure?' I was like ‘Dude, no, it's okay! Get in there! Get in there champ! Do what you gotta do!' Perfectly normal, healthy environment.”

How great is it that these three actors can be so professional and concerned more with the realism of the scene than any petty jealousies? The TVD cast rocks. You can watch the whole segment here, including the kielbasa grilled cheese sandwich that Polish-born Paul brought on-set. And here's a shot of Meredith and Alaric cozying up in Mystic Falls. Now whenever I watch the show, I'm just going to imagine Paul saying, “Go get it, champ!”

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