Someone Should Tell Paul Walker’s New Movie To Stop Tagging Him On Twitter

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Paul Walker laughing GIFDoes anyone have a phone handy? I just need to get in touch with the producers of the movie Brick Mansions right away, because they're making some pretty big gaffes in their promotional material.

If you haven't heard, Brick Mansions is the film starring Paul Walker that's premiering today, a little less than five months after his tragic death in a single car accident last November. It's perfectly understandable for the movie to be released, as it was completed at the time of his death and there's no reason to scrap a project that everyone involved undoubtedly worked really hard on…it's just that the way they're promoting it is pretty sketchy.

As with many celebrities who are no longer living, Paul Walker's Twitter account, @RealPaulWalker hasn't been deactivated. That's typically done to leave a space for fans to remember their lost idols, but the weird thing about Paul's is that it's still very active, as pointed out by Defamer. According to the bio, it's run by Paul Walker's team, who use the account to promote upcoming projects, quote old interviews, and retweet mentions like this one from MTV:

Obviously that's their account to run however they see fit, but it's extremely disconcerting to see a dead man's account retweeting mentions of his ‘in memoriam' tribute. Especially when it encourages his upcoming projects to tag him in promotional tweets like he's still a living, breathing person.

Is that weird to anyone else? They're really not gonna even thrown in a little hashtag RIP, which is literally THE LEAST they could do under the circumstances? Yikes. I get that the movie needs to be promoted, but tweeting at a dead man for help doing it is the saddest, sketchiest kind of desperate. Blegh.

(Image: Tumblr)