In Case You Want To Be Sadder, You Can Watch The Trailer For The Paul Walker Drama Coming Out This Month

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Paul Walker Hours Movie

In between working on the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul Walker filmed an indie movie called Hours that's set to be released on December 13th. It's an action-filled drama about a father trying to keep his newborn baby alive during Hurricane Katrina. In a review from the film's debut at SXSW, Variety praises Walker's performance.

For the most part, though, “Hours” is practically a one-man show, with Walker alone oncamera for lengthy stretches as Nolan passes time talking to his baby, or himself, and dashing hither and yon between battery-cranks while on beat-the-clock explorations and supply runs.

In a follow up article yesterday about the movie, the same critic says that it could be “the finest performance of his career up to that point.” While I don't want to diminish the success of the Fast and Furious franchise, I also don't want to pretend that it featured award-winning acting from anyone in the cast. It's an action series — and an incredibly profitable one at that. The fact that Paul Walker died just days before getting recognized for his dramatic acting abilities only makes his death more tragic.

While the future of the 7th Fast and Furious movie's still up in the air, the powers that be from Hours told The Hollywood Reporter that this movie will most definitely still come out on December 13th because that's what Paul would've wanted.

“Paul would have very much wanted us to move forward. He was incredibly proud of this project. We did a press junket two weeks ago, and I remember sitting with him and how excited he was for people to see this movie. He really looked to this movie to show people that he is an actor,” Safran said during theTHR interview. “He was looking for something to showcase his acting skills, which he so rarely had the chance to do. He hit it out of the park.”

While I haven't seen the movie yet, it's clear from this trailer that it most definitely had the potential to change the direction of his career in Hollywood as well as the way people viewed him. At this point, the best way to honor his memory would probably be to watch it on when it comes out this month. Even though he can no longer hear all the wonderful reviews about his performance, his daughter can most definitely read them and know just how talented her father was.

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