Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Shoot His Final Action Scenes, Which I’m Sure Won’t Be Weird For Them At All

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Paul Walker turning his head in Fast and Furious GIF


When an actor dies tragically before completing their final project, as Paul Walker did while The Fast And The Furious 7 was still filming, there are limited options as far as completing the film, and all of them creep me out.

Approximately $150 million has already been sunk into this movie, so I understand why they can't just scrap it, but I'm really uncomfortable with the method that producers just announced they'll be using to complete the movie. As if creating a CGI version of Paul to complete his scenes wasn't a weird enough idea, they're gonna be upping the ante and using Paul's brothers. Guhhhhhh.

I didn't even realize Paul had brothers (turns out he's the oldest of five siblings), but apparently two of them, Caleb and Cody Walker, will be filling by filming Paul's remaining action scenes. At least, according to the movie's Facebook, where they made an announcement lousy with family themes last night:


The whole thing is very odd, but the main issue I have is with the paragraph that says having Caleb and Cody on set ‘has made us all feel that Paul is with us too.' I'm no therapist, but I don't know that this is the healthiest course of action for anyone involved. It has to be difficult to grapple with a tragedy like this, but Cody and Caleb are not Paul, and putting them in a situation where they have to act and be treated like their dead brother is extraordinarily weird.

Wouldn't it have been better to hire a stunt double? These are ‘action scenes' after all, which suggests to me that they're going to be in a car. Doesn't that strike anyone else as problematic? Paul died in a car, as a result of reckless driving, which is what the entire Fast & Furious franchise is about. I get that you need to finish your movie, but surely you could find stand-ins who weren't blood relatives of a guy who died less than six months ago. Just saying.

As of now, the film is slated for an April 10th, 2015 release.