Paul Rudd Auditioned for Titanic, So Obviously James Corden Had Him Act Out a Scene

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Paul Rudd Diane Lane James Corden March 2016

Last night Paul Rudd and Diane Lane were guests on The Late Late Show. The topic of failed auditions came up, and Diane revealed that she auditioned for Pretty Woman back in the day. She also shared that the original story for the film was a lot darker than what we all know today, so that's interesting. What's also interesting is that Paul Rudd auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic. The role of course went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who only had to wait 19 more years after that to finally get his Oscar.

Paul also reveals that his father was a Titanic historian, so he gave the casting people some pretty cool facts about the ill-fated ship during his audition, which maybe wasn't what they were looking for. Whatever, casting people. Diane says she can't imagine Paul in the role, but James Corden disagrees. In fact, he's so interested to see Paul as Jack that he asks him and Diane to recreate one of the movie's most iconic scenes right there in front of the audience. No, not the car scene, ya pervs. It's the scene at the prow of the ship, of course.

Paul doesn't seem to remember the movie very well, because he's not really sure what to do with his hands when he's standing behind Diane. He kind of loops them under her armpits, and then James informs him that he's actually supposed to put his hands out with hers. But James' memory of the movie isn't as great as it may seem, because he thinks the “I'm king of the world!” line occurs in this scene, whereas it actually occurs earlier in the movie before Jack and Rose meet. This scene is the one where she says, “I'm flying.” God, I've seen this movie way too many times for despising it as much as I do.